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Clinical Programme Groups

Clinical Programme Groups (CPGs) design the way healthcare is delivered to the population of Gloucestershire. Each CPG covers a different specialism. Together, they aim to create a joined-up system to deliver the right care, in the right place, at the right time. You can find out more about CPGs via these useful Information Sheets.

Gloucestershire VCS Alliance is exploring how the VCSE sector and CPGs can work together more effectively to prevent people becoming unwell, support people with health conditions in communities and reduce health inequalities. 

Connecting with Clinical Programme Groups


We hold online drop-in sessions every two months, where anyone working in the VCSE sector in Gloucestershire can find out more about our work with CPGs. We publish information about these sessions in our In Partnership newsletter and VCSE Sector News Bulletin. You can find out about upcoming session dates on the Gloucestershire VCS Alliance event bookings page.

Sector Swap.png

Sector Swap is an opportunity to connect with someone working in a different sector. Its main purpose is to demystify an area of work or an organisation you would like to understand better, with a particular focus on linking people in the VCSE sector with people in Clinical Programme Groups. Interested? You can find out more via our Sector Swap Flyer and register your interest via our webform.

If you have any enquiries about our work with CPGs, please email

Keep Updated


We publish updates about the work of CPGs in our In Partnership Newsletter. To keep updated about the work of CPGs in Gloucestershire, please join our mailing list using the below webform.

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